my story

As a kid, I developed a love for sweets (as most kids do). Cookies, cakes, candies, you name it, I wasn't picky. If it was sweet, I was already finding a way to make it mine. At the same time, I was very creative and artistic as a child. I loved drawing, painting and anything that let me work with my hands. 

Into my early twenties, at school to become a registered nurse, the natural combination of these two passions grew into baking and making sweet treats for myself and others. The more I baked, the more I focused on making my treats as tasty and beautiful as possible. 

This is also when I started my long standing battle with never quite feeling 100% well. I began to normalize fatigue, moodiness, and a slew of other health issues. At the height of these issues, I decided enough is enough and began looking at my diet. I started to remove processed foods, switching for more holistic and whole foods. From my background in health sciences, this made sense as the next step; what we put in our body literally nourishes us, so why not put some thought into it? 

The better I ate, the better I felt. I fell in love with healthy food. These changes positively impacted my overall wellbeing in a big way, and yet, I would go back to my cakes and sweets made from refined sugar and white flour. I was at a cross roads - either I compromise my health or I give up baking. Well, let's just say I don't give up that easily.

I needed to find a way to continue to create artistically, bake and to be put bluntly: not feel like shit. I used all my resources: my knowledge as a nurse, books, articles, and everything-nutrition related I could get my hands on. I started asking questions: What ingredients provide true nutritional benefit? How do these work together? And finally, how can I make these actually taste GOOD? 

This is when the hustle started. I read everything I could, I tested day and night, flop after flop. This went on for months but I wasn't about to give up on the vision that wholesome desserts can (and should) be just as or more delicious than conventional treats. Texture, consistency and flavour; they all needed to be just right. You can have your cake and feel good too: this was my mission. 

Finally recipes started to align with the vision and feedback was enthusiastic. I knew I was onto something. No longer are the days where you need two desserts: one gluten-free and one not. These treats are delicious, moist and enjoyed by everyone. That's right: e v e r y o n e. 

Flour Petal now creates wholesome naturally gluten-free & refined sugar-free cakes and treats for all occasions in the Kitchener/Waterloo and surrounding area. So whether it's Friday night with the gals, your mom's 50th birthday bash or your dream wedding, we have the treat you for you.