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Nutritious, organic and locally produced ingredients are the basis of Flour Petal's delicious and beautiful cakes & baked goods. 

All  of Flour Petal's baked goods, icings and fillings are gluten-free, soy-free & refined sugar-free. With many options to choose from, many of our cakes can be made dairy-free, with options like coconut manna icing, coconut whip cream & cashew "buttercream". We also offer nut-free cake options, see below for more information on dairy-free and nut-free options.

Flavour combo recommendations available upon request. 


maple syrup vanilla 




mint olive oil

grapefruit olive oil

chocolate chilli 


strawberry (summer)

chocolate lavender (summer)


maple syrup swiss meringue buttercream

flavours: vanilla, berry, coco caramel, coconut, dark chocolate, whiskey/bourbon, coffee

honey swiss meringue buttercream 

coconut cream dark chocolate ganache

coconut whip cream

flavours: vanilla bean, dark chocolate, coco caramel, honey

cashew "buttercream"

flavours: vanilla, berry, coconut caramel, coconut cream, dark chocolate, whiskey/bourbon, coffee


coconut cream lemon curd

lemon curd

berry chia jam

flavours: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry

coconut maple syrup caramel 


coconut maple syrup caramel 

berry sauce

dark chocolate ganache 

dark chocolate drizzle 


All chocolate cakes, icings, fillings & drips.


All cakes, fillings & drips; dairy-free icing options: coconut manna icing, coconut whip cream & cashew "buttercream"


Due to the structure and quality of our core ingredients, our cakes are baked with organic & free-range locally sourced eggs. For vegan treat options, please refer to our signature menu as we do offer vegan cookies and treats.


mint olive oil cake; dark chocolate swiss meringue buttercream; dark chocolate drizzle

grapefruit olive oil cake; coconut whip cream

chocolate chilli cake; dark chocolate ganache

vanilla maple syrup cake; raspberry chia jam filling; coconut mana icing

chocolate lavender; honey maple syrup buttercream (summer)

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